American School of Piano Tuning – Learn a New Trade That Pays!

American School of Piano Tuning Learn a New Trade That Pays!

17070 John Telfer Drive
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

By Emerson Sandow

If you are considering a profession that allows you to work flexible hours and earn a very substantial hourly rate, consider Piano Tuning. If you live in a large urban area, your potential market for customers is very large. Most churches, schools, American Legion posts, etc., possess pianos that need tuning on a regular basis. The hourly rate varies, but a reasonably tunable piano can be brought to full tuning in an hour or less, and many tuners earn $75 to $100 per hour. Once again, large urban areas are home to many professional and semi-professional pianists and their students, so the demand for accurate tuning of the instrument is high.

Statistically, two-thirds of all working piano tuners learned the trade by home study, and American School of Piano Tuning is one of the leaders in the field of instructing future tuners. Despite the aura of perfect pitch that surrounds piano tuners, a perfect ear or musical ability are not necessary skills. The minimum qualifications are average intelligence, normal hearing and a willingness to learn. Plus, enough strength to lift 40 pounds, which is the heaviest piano action there is. American School of Piano Tuning stresses that tuning is primarily mechanical work and there are tricks of the trade, which are not difficult to learn.

The American School of Piano Tuning course takes approximately 40 to 100 hours to complete, so within six months, a tuner can be running his/her own business and, depending on the hourly rate, can earn back the cost of the course in less time than it took to take the course.

The course includes all of the tools you will need and – even a piano part where necessary. Ideally, you will have an upright piano to practice on, because tuning is a hands-on skill. Also American School recommends that if you have doubts about your hearing, you have it tested before signing up with them.

If you seeking to establish your own business that is enjoyable and flexible, visit American School’s website and strongly consider piano tuning as a supplemental income or full time trade! ES