Beall’s Learning Games – and Much More!

Age Range: Pre-K to Gr 8 (depending on subject)
Cost Range: $10.95 to $60.85
Subject: Virtually all in the age range (Reading, Cursive Writing, Geography, Math, etc.)
Location: Georgetown, CA
Phone: 866-657-1180 (toll free)

By Emerson Sandow

Ruthann Beall has developed a unique and exciting concept for combining learning and fun. She has created an entire series of topics-based games that can be played on the same game board with players of all ages. Different subjects can be played, using different sets of cards or the same subject can be enjoyed by all players. She suggests an award system, so that every card or chip is worth a point and parents can create a system to turn points into privileges or some similar value – dollar-store treasures, etc.

Some of the Beall’s Learning Games are: Phonogram Fun Packet, which was created to coincide with Wanda Sanseri’s Spell To Read and Write Language Arts Program, but can be used with any phonics program. Beall’s game serves as a fun supplement to the material covered in the program. Phonogram Fun is packed full of a reversible game board, with a game on each side; a 70 phonogram reference sheet; 29 spelling rules reference sheet; 2 decks of phonogram playing cards; 2 decks of spelling rules playing cards; 100 chips; 6 teddy bear playing pieces and a die. Early Learner’s Fun Packet is jammed with activities, consisting of  laminated activity sheets and reproducible worksheets; color matching activity; a-b-c, 1-2-3 chart; number chips, 1-30; letter chips, a-z and A-Z; telling time Clock & Hands; Teaching Tips for Parents and a lot more. Another jam-packed Fun Packet is the Math Facts, Addition & Subtraction. It contains 2 study sheets; early addition/subtraction concepts chart; reproducible Quiz & Answer Key; Math Facts playing cards and playing cards, matched to the math facts; 100 chips and 2 dice and directions for playing card games to build your child’s memorization of the basic math facts. There is also a larger packet, containing the Multiplication and Division Math Facts along with the Addition & Subtraction Facts.

Beall’s doesn’t offer only games. No matter what basic subject you want to supplement, Beall’s has a product to match it. They offer a reproducible Creative Writing book with assignments to give your student topic ideas. There is a set of Historical American Documents – The Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, a Simplified Bill of Rights, The Preamble to the Constitution and the First Amendment – all on laminated “aged” paper to look authentic and provide your child with basic knowledge of our country and its foundations. There is also a U.S. Geography Fun Packet that is not a only a game-based one, but is also filled with colorful maps based on different criteria – topography, states and capitals, state nicknames, dates of admission, etc., making it a historical supplement as well as geographic and it also includes directions or playing 9 games with the playing cards of states, capitals and geographic questions.

The underlying point of all of these Beall’s products is to enhance the joy of learning, making the information “stick” in your child’s mind for life. Since homeschoolers do not believe in “teaching to the test”, making information a permanent part of your child’s information repertoire is significant and Beall’s can provide a huge amount of help in that regard. Visit their website and spend some time seeing all of their product offerings. ES