Berean Builders — Science Resources for Christian Families

3001 W Woodbridge Dr
Muncie, IN 47304-1074
(877) 794-3005

by Michael Leppert

Berean Builders takes its name from a group mentioned in the New Testament – the Bereans in Acts 17:11, which says that the Bereans received the gospel with eagerness and carefully examined the scriptures daily to see if Paul spoke truth.

That is what the Muncie, Indiana, science book publisher thinks education should be – a way for students to become critical thinkers and ensure that such a tradition will be carried on for generations.

To that end, Berean Builders publishes a complete line of science books from elementary grades to high school, that come from a point of view of creation and intelligent design, making them ideal for Christian homeschoolers – or any family that recognizes intelligent design as a valid explanation for creation. For the elementary grades, Science in the Beginning offers the perfect way to begin a serious study of science in a Christian perspective. Science in the Ancient World provides historical as well as scientific insight and will no doubt pique your child’s attention.

Berean Builders books are written by Dr. Jay Wile, a nuclear chemist and obviously prolific author of these science textbooks and supporting materials. They are also affordable.

For the Junior High School level, the first product is Exploring Creation with General Science, recommended as a 7th grade course. It covers a broad swath of topics, including the scientific method, archeology, geology, biology and human anatomy. It includes many hands-on experiments, all using household ingredients.

If you are a family that appreciates the viewpoint of intelligent design and creationism, Berean Builders is the prime source for your science curriculum for all 12 grade levels. Please visit their website, and take a tour of their complete product line. MjL