BioCorp Preserved Specimens for Dissection & Anatomical Models

By Albert McQueen, the website of BioCorp, is a one-stop shop for all biology- and anatomy-lab supplies. If you plan on having your student perform a dissection, or if you just need an anatomical model or display, you can find what you need here. offers a wide range of preserved specimens, from earthworms up to cats and just about everything in between, including jellyfish, barnacles, spiders, crayfish and turtles. Many specimens are available in both plain form and with the arteries and/or veins injected with dye for easy identification.

For those who prefer a dissection experience without actually using an animal, barn owl pellets are available. The pellets are the owls’ way of discarding the undigestable bits of their prey, so they contain the skeletal remains of an owl’s dinner, and are collected from nesting sites without any harm to the owls.

BioCorp also offers a wide variety of anatomical models of just about every body part and condition you can think of, from ears to healthy and abnormal vertebrae to full skeletons. Rather than being preserved specimens, these are models such as the ones that can be found in doctors’ offices, so they last pretty much forever and can be taken apart and put back together. If you are looking for a mounted display, such as insect life cycles, examples of food crops or a comparison of leaf types, BioCorp has those, too.

BioCorp also has a full range of dissection and safety supplies, as well as dozens of books, flashcard sets, and videos/DVDs.

Each preserved specimen from BioCorp is triple-checked for quality and completeness and is guaranteed for a year after purchase (if it stays in the original packaging). And disposal of used specimens is free; just pay for shipping, label the package “disposal,” and send it back.