Channie’s Handwriting Workbooks Are Awesome!

Channie’s Handwriting Workbooks Are Awesome! 877-231-3723 “This is the first tool that I have utilized that has had significant and consistent impact on my students’ handwriting. Not only have students developed the skills necessary to form their letters appropriately, but when they are ready to transition to regular paper they carry those skills over to their daily writing.” — 2nd grade teacher’s feedback. ==================== by Mary Leppert One of...

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Flip Flop Learning — Spanish Face To Face

Flip Flop Learning — Spanish Face To Face Suzanne Gose, creator of Flip Flop Learning Spanish believes in a a vital and unique approach to language learning: That a student has to learn it as s/he uses it – face to face, not face to screen or face to book, but actually interacting with others. Based on my own experience with Spanish, I find Suzanne’s premise to be true. I began picking up Spanish as a by-product of working in Southern...

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Free College Can Happen to You

By Jean Burk,    Full Scholarship – two words that could change your life. Getting free college can be like winning the lottery. Imagine throwing away several trash bags full of college scholarships that come in the mail. This is what happened to us. But for some families, getting just one scholarship offer could be the difference between junior college and the perfect university. You have spent the last...

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What if I’m Not a Grammarian or a Particularly Good Writer?

By Rosette Liberman, co-author of The Cooperhill Style Book, All parents ask themselves this question when they try to help their high schoolers revise their writing. After all, for most of us it’s been a long time since high school English. We ask ourselves should this be: who or whom? lie or lay? me or I? like or as? bring or take? different than or different from? On a more advanced level, we want to...

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Eternal Life Board Game

Creative Origins, LLC 480 Churchill Dr. Hanover Park, IL. 60133-2605 Number of players: 2 – 6 Age range: 8 and up Joseph Grayhaim The Eternal Life Game is an enjoyable way for the Christian family to be mindful of the goal of earthly life together, while they play a game that accentuates life in this world. Each player receives $10,000 to begin play, along with a Heavenly Rewards Pouch,...

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American Academy English Uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum

American Academy offers an excellent Christian online education for homeschoolers. Here is a partial Scope & Sequence of the English curriculum: English 1 (Grade 1) (PACEs 1001-1012) The student: • Reviews consonant and vowel sounds. • Is introduced to reading and writing of word families and sentences. • Studies blends, diphthongs, ending sounds, and suffixes. • Develops reading comprehension skills. • Copies sentences using...

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