Educational Tools for Raising a Financially Literate Generation

Imagine how different the economy would be today if every child knew the basics of personal money management—“save, spend and share”, as commonly as they know “stop, look and listen.”

Moonjar, LLC offers homeschoolers hands-on lessons and tools about personal finance.

For more than fifteen years, Moonjar (, the leading international provider of children’s financial literacy tools, has helped children learn these three basic principles of money management – saving, spending and sharing by:

  • providing visual tools for active learning
  • making money a positive, “yes” conversation
  • encouraging philanthropy

Moonjar offers visual, kinetic tools to teach young children how to save, spend and share in a three-dimensional way that stimulates their critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills.

Save, Spend and Share is at the root of each tool created by Moonjar to enliven the money conversation with kids. The cornerstone product, a Moonjar Moneybox, is a teaching bank with three compartments for saving, spending and sharing. The Moonjar Moneybox encourages children to set tangible saving goals, to spend wisely and to realize that they too, can impact their community in a lasting way.

The Lesson Plan offers language to encourage critical thinking around needs versus wants, budgeting, savings and more. Its structure is flexible and can be taught in a compact 45-minute session or broken into multiple lessons.

Conversations to Go – The Game that has Everyone Talking Money is a wonderful way to offer conversation starters and writing prompts about what it all means to each of us. These questions will evoke big conversations around credit, value and work ethic, just to name a few.

The Family Kit comes in two different packages: One includes our retro-tin Classic Moonjar (best for one child) and the second includes two Standard foldable Moonjars. Both packages include our Book How the Moonjar Was Made – an engaging elementary story about a spender and a saver; oneConversations to Go game and the Lesson Plan.  The Lesson Plan is designed for kids from ages 5-9. We also have grade-level curriculum which work to enrich the money portion of K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 math lessons!

Studies are proving that we need to start teaching money skills early and all too often personal finance is missed in education. We have the opportunity to turn this around and to jumpstart a financially-fit generation.

To find out more about Moonjar and our youth financial literacy tools, please visit or call 888.323.0001.