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by Emerson Sandow

Dr. Sheldon Margulies has created an ideal science-learning website for middle to high school Chemistry, Biology and Physics. It is called Fascinating Science and it lives up to its name. I watched the first 5 Physics lessons before I realized the passage of time! I consider anything that is that engrossing as very special!

Fascinating Education is presented on the website, in a series of short video presentations that provide a very small visual and audio portion of subject matter, explaining each portion slowly and clearly, so that there is no confusion or guesswork. The student can repeat the video lesson as many times as necessary to really grasp it. This makes the work enjoyable and offers students a clear path to grasping the scientific material presented. The videos offer beautiful graphics and Dr. Margulies is a very effective lecturer/guide.

Each Lesson section has text scripts that correspond to the video presentation for those who prefer to follow along with text and Tests as well. Within a few minutes of taking a test, the program provides the test-taker’s score, the passing score and options to review the test, retake it and/or print the test results. If parents prefer, the tests can be printed out before being taken. In addition, each Lesson includes a Glossary menu to provide definitions of terms covered. The Chemistry course also provides lab experiments. For these, a responsible adult is required to obtain a password for downloading the experiments and providing oversight to the student.

The Biology section begins with a discussion of the age and origin of the universe and the beginning of Life. Dr. Margulies makes it clear that he does not see his role as trying to convince the student of the scientific or religious point-of-view, but his role is to simply describe the forces that play out in such origins and to provide relevant factual information. This makes Fascinating Education completely acceptable to religious and non-religious users alike.

Fascinating Education now offers Fascinating Anatomy & Physiology and anyone can get it free (now through March 31, 2017 – by using code ANATOMY4FREE when they sign up.

If you have a child who is 7th grade or older, you should definitely give Fascinating Education a strong review to see its usefulness in your science curriculum plans. Free sample lessons are provided on the website and you and your child can determine how it fits with his/her learning style and science needs. E.S.