La La Logic Multisensory Critical Thinking Curriculum

Age Range: 3 to 6 years old
Cost Range: $29 with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a FREE trial
Subject: Critical thinking, problem-solving and basic reasoning
Location: Littleton, CO
Phone:  303-452-9937

By Michael Leppert

La La Logic offers:

  • Brain Challenges – online
  • 100 printable worksheets with images to cut & paste, with adult assistance and then match them
  • Extension Enrichment activities to download and perform with parents or the entire family

Critical thinking and reasoning are two of the most important skills we can teach our children – especially when very young. While many products teach math, reading and other academic skills, finding excellent resources for young child thinking-development can be difficult. La La Logic fills the bill!

La La Logic offers online Brain Challenges that are like simple games to provide practice in thinking. There are matching shapes from a series of images to their silhouettes; matching colors from one panel of images of four colors to another panel with the same colors; matching groups of like functioning objects, such as a race car, family car and pickup truck; picking apples labeled “b” or “d” from a tree and placing them in the appropriate basket. The degree of difficulty of this Brain Challenge section ranges from very simple to more difficult, offering a progressive path to mastery.

The package provides a great deal of material to use in teaching your child how to think and reason and will prepare him/her far beyond what today’s average 6-year-old will possess in this realm of knowledge and mental acuity. The Brain Challenges start off fairly simple and the early Worksheets do, as well, providing the perfect exercises and encouragement for little people’s brains.

The Extension Enrichment section is truly impressive, using the technique of reading an original story to your child (provided) and then going through a suggested list of activities – asking your child to repeat the story and taking notes as s/he does so; if s/he can form letters, having him/her write some simple sentences about the story and in the case at hand, “Water Lilies” finding the painting of that title by Monet on the Internet. There are original poems and role-playing games as well as guidance for the parent to use in scheduling and teaching the program.

This literature-based approach is very, very powerful teaching, harking back to the proven methods of the 19th century, when young children were given much brain-building, thought-provoking academic work. Such a learning foundation produced the great minds of the 20th century in law, medicine, science, the arts, etc. In the last 40 years, institutional schools have faded from this powerful approach to curriculum into pabulum and baby food all the way to high school – and beyond!

Every homeschooling parent who strives to provide an excellent and robust education that will serve his child through all of life, should seriously consider La La Logic as one of the primary tools to accomplish this end. MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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