Miss Gail’s Preschool Reading Center


Gail Carpenter is currently operating a private childcare/preschool in her home. It is called Miss Gail’s Preschool Reading Center. She takes children at around age 6 months and they begin singing the Sound Song with a whole group as they start the day.

By age 4 years old, the children know the ABC letters and sounds from playing Bingo Boards and singing the song twice a day. Then they move on to blending the sounds to make short vowel words using The Blending Book. That book was actually written for two 4-year-old boys in her preschool. After that, when the child turns 5, s/he begins working in Book A.

Many of the children almost finish Book B — which is long vowels — so they go off to kindergarten knowing more than 150 words and are able to decode and read short and long vowel words. Gail is amazed to see how a group of squirrely preschoolers can achieve impressive reading abilities by working through these books. To her, that shows the strength of her program.

Author: Michael Leppert

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