Music Educators Marketplace (MEM)

My Own Music History Packet ($45) 442 N. Maple Street Trenton, IL 62293 (800) 430-3840 Karen Koch, Marketplace Coordinator by Michael Leppert In 1998, six music educators who had each created original, unique music-teaching materials, combined resources to market their products in a targeted and more efficient fashion. Those six have grown to over 50 and the products to over 200! MEM looks to provide music teachers with products that will supplement the core materials that have been in use for decades or longer! MEM opines that method books, sheet music and CDs are easily found in many outlets but that their unique products are intended to enhance those core materials and provide different approaches to not only music playing itself, but also how world history and music history coincide. This musical/world history information is significant. The famous and successful composers did not live or create in a vacuum and knowing what other important events were taking place alongside their compositions broadens a student’s understanding of both historical streams. Music history should be considered a necessary supplement to a student’s world-history curriculum. The very affordable My Own Music History Kit consists of a very large amount of material. Some items are:
  • 6 music history timelines (1600 to present day) to be completed by hand, by students. This aids in developing a concept of parallel music history-world history events and is useful for ages 8 to adult.• Pads of top-glued 8.5” x 11” Repertoire Sheets that are 3-hole punched for placement in a binder. The front of these sheets is an Assignment Log for the teacher and student to use in tracking the student’s
  • The back page is a Composer Biography page, with a space for placing a postage-stamp-like sticker of 30 composers (included) and blank lines for filling in pertinent biographical and student-related information – i.e., compositions by that composer that the student has learned and performed, etc.
  • 30 postage-stamp-type stickers of famous composers, from J.S. Bach (d. 1750) to A. Khatchaturian (d. 1978). These stickers are to be placed on the Composer Biography page, noted above.
There is also a PDF downloadable document of 21 pages that shows how to use these materials and much, much more (see the website catalogue for complete information) If placed in a 3-ring binder, My Own Music History will serve as a working tool for the student during his/her active years of instruction and later as a record of the student’s journey of musical achievement. Of course, My Own Music History can be purchased by the student’s parents to provide to the music teacher(s) as a ready-made study and tracking aid, allowing the parents to observe the child’s progress and weak/strong points, just as in academic endeavors. Those who take music performance seriously, will appreciate the value of such a tracking kit. Please visit the Music Educators Marketplace website and view all of the excellent music-learning materials they have developed! MjL