Parents & Their Young Drivers — Creating a 5 Star Driver To Match Your 5-Star Safety Rated Car!

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By Michael Leppert

We take driving for granted. Considering that more people die in traffic accidents than shooting incidents, taking it for granted is a simple, sad fact. Parents often spend more time worrying about a passing grade in Algebra than how skilled and safe their teenage driver might be!

If you live near a metropolitan area, you know that many of your fellow drivers are not skilled, safe or attentive. European driving tests are one hour long; the California driver test is 10 minutes – and there are more than 22.5 million drivers in California! You cannot demonstrate skills and mastery in 10 minutes of anything, much less operating a 2,000-pound lethal weapon!

Cars are safety-rated with a 5-star being the highest. One company with over 30 years’ experience in Driver Training has produced a video program that focus on teaching the driver to be 5-star rated.

Parents have more influence on their teens than a driving instructor or their best friends. 5 Star Driver teaches parents and teens the driving concepts that are to be practiced — not simply to pass the driving test, but to be skilled, safe drivers. 5 Star Driver goes beyond Drivers Ed to achieve mastery. John Cullington, has taught classroom and behind-the-wheel for over 30 years and he has developed the 5 Star curriculum that aids parents and teens in learning and practicing intelligent, skilled driving. For instance, in a tight, nerve-wracking situation, like passing a large semi on a freeway entrance ramp, he instructs parents to tell the teen to concentrate on the space in front of them, not the semi and accelerate to that space. This makes all of the difference, because the semi is already an impediment and the “daylight” is where the driver needs to be, so concentrate on it. This approach ultimately teaches the driver to focus on space not the objects in all situations.

5 Star is not a replacement for regular drivers ed programs, as it does not fulfill state requirements; it is a super enhancement for parents and their young drivers to watch and apply during the necessary practice time. Mr. Cullington has found that parents do not drive enough with their permit-holding children. To create his 5 Star course, he placed digital cameras in a training car and filmed actual driving lessons. Nobody has done that before. It is like the parent is in the backseat watching the lesson. Cullington observed why kids brake at green lights, hit curbs when parking and drift into other lanes, etc., and he developed a way to fix all of that. The 5 Star Driver approach makes driving a car something to master – like snow-skiing or other such skills: The better you are at it, the less likely you are to get into trouble.

The 5 Star Driver website offers two DVD Packages or a Video Subscription Plan, as well as accessories such as a suction-cup passenger side mirror for parents to use when giving driving practice and removable “Student Driver” magnetic signs for your car when practicing. Please visit before you go any further with your teens driving activities. Even if your teen has his/her license, 5 Star Driver has peace of mind to offer them and you! MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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