Pumpkin Seed Press – a Return to Family Values

43668 355th Ave Humphrey, NE 68642 Phone: 402.276.0370 www.PumpkinSeedPress.net by Sarah Foster-Smith Parents today are faced with an all-out assault on traditional Christian family values. Through T.V., magazines, social media, and virtually everywhere online, children are constantly faced with a barrage of images and content being thrown at them. Nearly everywhere they turn, advertisers are trying to sell them something — starting from programming for infants. An entire industry has been created, breathlessly following the lives of celebrities who are famous for being famous. Reality shows showcase teenage mothers, gleefully invade disintegrating marriages, and celebrate unscrupulous greed. But as unhealthy and corrupting this culture may be, many parents are at a loss of what to do. Where can parents find wholesome, Godly role models for their young children? Pumpkin Seed Press offers a wide range of charming books for kids, created to honor traditional Christian values, morals, and standards. The products are intended to be character-training materials, as well as tools for parents to mentor young children. Using inspirational stories that are instantly relatable to Christian families, every one of the books helps parents to focus kids’ attention on the Truth. And although all of the books are ideal for homeschools and Bible study groups, their goal main objective is to strengthen the relationships in every family through the Word of God. For girls and young ladies, Pumpkin Seed Press has developed three enchanting stories, along with parental companion guides. The Three Weavers is an allegorical tale that is the perfect way for fathers to introduce the sometimes awkward topic of purity with their daughters. Even as their babies transform into young ladies, fathers continue to play a critical role in the health, psychological, and spiritual well-being of their daughters. Through discovering the six keys to guarding every daughter’s heart, fathers discover their daughter’s authentic spirit — carefully crafted by God in every way. Beautiful Girlhood is a precious Bible study for girls ages 9-13. Along with the Companion Bible Study Guide, mothers and daughters spend 32 weeks focusing on character development and strengthening their special bond. And for older girls ages 13-21, Pumpkin Seed Press created Beyond Beautiful Girlhood. Accompanied by another carefully-crafted Companion Guide, this girl’s Bible study can last from 7 to 21 weeks. The book covers a wide variety of topics that are of particular interest to young ladies in their preparation for their adult life. Full of encouraging examples and practical applications, mothers can hold their daughter’s hand and guide her in the management of her future home, her life, and her spirit. The latest creation for Pumpkin Seed Press is an epic adventure back in time to the days of Camelot. Rather than the cumbersome, dense historical prose that many kids shy away from, this is one book they won’t want to put down! The King Arthur Series creates a bridge for modern students to explore the legendary life of this most-revered historical figure, through text that is both easy and fun to read. Students learn about heroic knights, majestic queens, and true faith, including stories of the Lady of the Lake, Queen Guinevere, Sir Galahad, the Holy Grail, Excalibur, and very much more. Kids will love this journey of discovery, tracing the ripple effects that have shaped Western Christian culture for hundreds of years. Some of our most cherished cultural tenets began in King Arthur’s time: Virtuousness, honor, loyalty, selflessness, humility, courage, and ferocious devotion to His Word. In exploring this fascinating history, kids learn how to breathe new life into the notion of chivalry. The products offered by Pumpkin Seed Press are more than just tools for parents to master the lost art of mentoring. Every parent will walk away with new insights into their own soul, and a renewed devotion to becoming the person God envisioned when He created you. For more information, including prices and ordering electronic versions, please visit their website at www.PumpkinSeedPress.net. SFS