Revolution Math 1337 Third Street Promenade, 2nd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone: (877) 577-6284 Email: See Trial Membership Offer for $1 at the end of this article. By J. Nairne Last week, I witnessed a miracle in action — children that actually enjoyed completing math activities outside of their regular school setting. This may sound less than miraculous, but any parent with a child that struggles in math can tell you about their horror stories and the desperate searches for help. For these parents, this nightmarish cycle and of tantrums and parental despair are a daily reality. The idea of their child willingly, even eagerly, engaging in math content is beyond any stretch of the imagination. Yet, I have been to the promised land and can bear witness to its truth. Revolution Math offers a solution for these parents with struggling students, but also for those kids who love math, as well. The program provides content and live sessions that are both fun and engaging, but also the individual attention that each child needs – no matter their level of competency. Revolution Math is an online program that teaches students math through a story-based curriculum that is not only engaging, but incredibly fun. Using a tablet or computer, kids meet for an hour each week with the same set of students (limit of 4) and the same teacher. The teacher and students see and hear each other in real time using a secure app, which also allows for students to write and share their work with the group. These features may sound familiar, but Revolution Math is no ordinary math program. Although the term “story-based” curriculum is used a lot, Revolution Math does much more than simply incorporate math problems into a narrative story. Through this program, kids embark on an imaginative voyage that requires them to use the math knowledge they develop to progress through the story. Part role-playing game, part choose-your-own-adventure story, and always educational, Revolution Math takes students on an unforgettable journey that makes math engaging and applicable to their lives. They solve mysteries, conquer challenges, solve puzzles, and make choices that advance them through the story together. In each lesson, students must complete a series of tasks (much like “mini-games” or “side-challenges” in video games) that are sometimes competitive, sometimes collaborative, but always fun. The kids are so immersed within the story and intent on completing the challenges they face, they don’t even realize they are learning. And through their progress, students earn “gems” that they can spend on real toys — not the usual giveaway junk that creates clutter in your house and breaks in less than 24 hours. This type of learning is fundamental to the success of Revolution Math — it transforms abstract concepts into concrete situations using an adventure that is both entertaining and motivating to kids. And though Revolution Math offers a fantastic curriculum that kids love, the best part of the program is the one-on-one attention they receive from the highly-qualified teachers. Revolution Math hires 1% of their applicants, selecting only those teachers that are creative, passionate, and patient. These teachers understand that every student is unique, with their own learning styles, challenges, and perspectives to contribute to the group. Rather than using a cookie-cutter lesson and treating the kids like data points, Revolution Math instructors go above and beyond to ensure every child is having fun, engaged in the content, and receives the personal attention they need to be successful. In a recent session, I watched an instructor thoughtfully console a tearful student who arrived late to the online lesson, expertly navigate through technical difficulties with another kiddo, effortlessly redirecting a distracted student and ensuring that every child understood the content being presented. Instead of simple memorization, or even leading them towards the correct answer, the teacher constantly challenged the students to explain and demonstrate their learning and how the different concepts were interconnected. It was amazing to see these kids accurately describe complicated mathematical theories in their own words and through their own work. And they were truly having fun while they did it! In addition to the weekly 60-minute live session with a highly qualified instructor, families receive a complimentary learning kit that supports the curriculum, including: Dice, a pencil, a protractor, graph paper, area tiles, flash cards, character masks, and a Revolution Math poster — everything needed to captivate the imagination of your student and convert their math nightmare into the video game quest of their dreams. And Revolution Math is perfect for those families looking for a way to prevent the dreaded “summer slide”. Even the best of students can use this program as a fun way to keep on track during the school year break. Readers can take advantage of an exclusive trial membership offer for only $1, which includes 3 weeks of Revolution Math and the learning kit delivered to directly to your home. For more information, and to take advantage of the exclusive trial membership program, check out their website at and use our unique coupon code RMTRIAL1.