Royal Wood Ltd. Basket Weaving Supplies & Information

517 Woodville Road
Mansfield, OH 44907

By Emerson Sandow

One of the most functional and enjoyable natural arts is basket weaving. Making beautiful and useful vessels from various fibrous plant materials is satisfying and a great way to share one’s skill with loved ones. If you are interested in weaving baskets, bead-stringing and other similar crafts, Royal Wood in Mansfield, Ohio is the one-stop provider for all materials.

Royal Wood carries a huge variety of weaving and craft materials, including Bamboo, Paper Fiber Materials, Wood Splints, Berkshire Splint, Copper Strips, Flat Wire. They carry seat-weaving material, too, so you can create beautiful original woven chair seats from seagrass, Danish Cord, corded paper and other materials for updating or revising your wicker furniture.

Of course, Royal Wood also carries instruction books, new and used, for the arts and crafts they offer, from novice level to advanced weavers. For instance, in “Choctaw Diagonal Twill” you can learn how to plait for a small basket in this beautiful and distinctive Native American style.

If your child or you possess an interest in expanding your crafts abilities, don’t hesitate to visit Royal Wood’s website and begin your adventure in this ancient art work. E.S.