Review by Kay Miller

Since its inception in 1988, Science Works has produced an exciting line of educational products designed for science teaching and learning. The highly skilled team at Science Works includes teachers and specialists with backgrounds in authoring science books, state and local recognition as educators, and over 100 years of combined experience in science education and specialized areas. The goal of the Science Works team is to create quality products that will empower educators and students to maximize technology and learning.

Science Works offers an appealing array of software products designed to assist parents and teachers in developing an educational, entertaining, and cost-effective science curriculum for use with elementary through high school students and older. The SlideWorks Slide Series introduces students to the use of the microscope and is offered in two learning levels. Beginner Slides is an introductory slide set for elementary grades and is an excellent teaching aid for regular classroom or homeschool settings. Students learn the parts of the microscope and how to create slide mounts in the lab and use the microscope to view 45 common items. Biology Slides are geared for use in middle and high school grades, introducing the use of an advanced interactive power microscope and over 50 slides usually seen in beginning biology courses. Both the Beginner and the Biology Slide sets feature a higher level of interactivity than is found in most other educational science products.

Anyone who is squeamish or fundamentally opposed to animal dissection will find DissectionWorks to be a viable approach to the study of anatomy. DissectionWorks combines the detailed study of dissection with computer technology, allowing students to perform dissections all from their computer. Five commonly studied animals (frog, fetal pig, earthwork, crayfish, and perch) are available for virtual dissection and can be purchased as single study modules or as an all-inclusive deluxe program. Each well-designed program contains detailed schematics of the major body systems, information on organ function and structure, and review questions, and brings an effective means of sharing the intricacies of anatomy.

Designed for more advanced students, Science Works offers CatWorks, a highly interactive cat dissection simulation that allows students to perform highly accurate, electronic dissections of the common house cat. CatWorks offers excellent graphics and includes on-screen video within the program.

For the study of earth science, Science Works offers Rocks! & Minerals. This graphically-rich multimedia program features hands-on lab simulation for in-depth rock and mineral exploration of 53 rock forming minerals and 27 common rocks. Also included is a complete user guide and suggested learning activities.

Discover the Elements uses stunning graphics, 3D animation, digital video and audio to enlighten students on the world of chemistry and the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements. Information on the uses, occurrences, history, production and hazards of each element as well as more advanced information, tutorials, and a practice section are all included in this exciting program.

Finally, SkyWorks: an Introduction to the Sky, invites students to step outside and view the daytime sky in a way that is highly interactive, informative and entertaining. Breathtaking photos and suggested sky-awareness activities guide students through cloud history, the water cycle, types of clouds, and more. Engaging animation is used to explain complicated weather phenomena and other principles, and students learn to understand and appreciate the role that the sky, weather and associated topics play in their everyday lives.

All of the innovative products offered by Science Works are delivered on CD-ROM in both Windows and Macintosh formats and meet the National Science Education Standards recently published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Science Works, Inc. is 100% American owned and all products are 100% American developed and manufactured. All of the products are educational, entertaining, and effective and have been used successfully in classroom and homeschool settings.

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