Your Story Hour – “Making Boys & Girls of Today, Better Men and Women of Tomorrow”

Dramatized stories on CD and MP3

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Prices begin at $2.00 per individual MP3

By Emerson Sandow

Your Story Hour a Christian-based company, provides a unique and welcome approach to providing children and teenagers with dramatized fascinating and informative stories that provide character-building influences and are uplifting and inspiring.

The CD or MP3 albums of these dramatized stories run the gamut from the Old Testament Bible stories, the Life of Jesus, Young Abe Lincoln, Colonial-Revolutionary American History, Theodore Roosevelt and lesser-known heroes and heroines, to an album called The Teen Scene of stories of how young people handle modern challenges such as eating disorders, teen pregnancy, possible dangers on the Internet – and many more topics that teens from 12 to 17 might confront and need guidance about. Each CD is one hour long and is narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole. Many of these stories are great listening for adults, too, since reminders of how great people handled adversity and obstacles in Life are always needed at every age and every era of living!

Your Story Hour offers each story as an MP3 download for $2 each or the entire album ranging from 6 to 16 stories can be purchased as a CD or MP3 download for a set price. This flexibility is perfect for the family that wants to purchase one or two stories at a time.

Your Story Hour also offers activity books for some of the albums, that your children can use in conjunction with listening to the stories and making them more alive in their minds. These activity books are perfect for homeschoolers and will provide your children with hours of supplemental history and/or social studies learning.

Please visit Your Story Hour’s website to see their very large line of albums and other materials. Your children will thank you! E.S.