Streamable Learning Brings the World to Your Home Affordably by Emerson Sandow The Internet has made possible tremendous changes in our lives. One of the most significant is in educational content creation and delivery.  Now your child or support group can have real-world learning experiences at home. A company called Streamable Learning offers a very wide menu of supplemental  video streaming “field trips” from an impressive list of locations and venues of educational value and allows subscribing families to stream these video field trips right into the their homes! A few of these educational providers are California Academy of Sciences, Spaceport America, The National Civil War Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, National Women’s History Museum, the National Churchill Museum in Missouri, dedicated to the life of the distinguished British statesman  and the Fine Art Museum of Boston. The topics include American History, Anthropology, Arts, Botany, Chemistry, Animal Conservation, Environment, Geography, STEM, Government and Women’s roles in history, to name a few. These institutions have created the videos and Streamable Learning brings them to you. Imagine having the luxury of providing your children with a subscription to high-quality intelligent video content, on demand, for less than $5 per month — $49.95 for 12 months! Streamable Learning believes in bringing families their presentations in an affordable manner, as well as being convenient. Your child can learn about a vast cross-section of topics right in the living room or den! Plus, the videos are interactive, so your child will not simply experience passive learning, but will be a part of it as well. Your child will gain valuable knowledge about many topics and may have a spark of deeper curiosity lit into a fire because of seeing a particular video presentation on Streamable Learning. The technical needs are simple – WiFi, a PC or Mac and you can subscribe to Streamable Learning and click on a scheduled presentation as you wish. A Live Streaming Calendar subscription includes: • Over 400 events
  • Covering all areas of curriculum
  • 30 to 40 minutes in length
  • Grade range relevance reviews
  • Pre and post-materials to help support the video topic context
  • Recorded copies in case you need them for review or if you miss a scheduled presentation
Give your child one of the huge advantages of 21st Century technology and visit Streamable Learning today to subscribe for the 2017-18 schedule — E.S.