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by Michael Leppert

One of the daunting topics for homeschooling parents to teach is Language Arts & English. Help for the homeschooling family is easily available: Time4Learning provides an online, standards-based Language Arts and English curriculum for preschool to twelfth grade. From basic phonics to writing a high school research paper, Time4Learning’s online education program takes a comprehensive approach to building, developing and improving all aspects of Language Arts and English. The curriculum includes writing practice, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, communication skills and more.

Because reading is such an important topic for children to master, Time4Learning’s Reading program is powerful and flexible, making it the perfect way for homeschooling parents to teach this skill without trepidation or fear.

Consistency is the key to mastering reading and the Time4Learning program allows for one hour of reading daily. Beginning readers can read aloud to mom or dad and later will read silently and do other language arts work as well. The language arts program is very thorough and complete, covering phonics (the best foundation for successful reading), vocabulary building, grammar, verbal and reading comprehension. If your child needs extra work on a topic, the Language Arts Extensions provide that help.

The Time4Learning program has a Reports feature that will grade your student’s work, keep track of work completed, and the elapsed time for each project. If your child takes an inordinate amount of time to complete a task, this might indicate a need for extra attention. The parent can review the Reports to see if the child has a weak spot or two that need more attention, allowing the parent to take appropriate action and spend more time on that aspect.

Time4Learning will save you valuable teaching/planning time and allow your child to get the most out of every minute of work. Time4Learning is affordable too! Go to their website to see pricing information and further details on this powerful homeschool curriculum and teach Language Arts with courage! MjL