University of Mississippi High School At Home

The UM-Independent Study High School provides opportunities for students in various circumstances to meet their educational needs. Students come to us because they:
• are unable to attend a local school because they live in isolated areas
• are in countries outside the United States and are without access to an accredited high school diploma program from a school in the United States
• have dropped out of school but want to continue their education and earn a high school diploma
• have difficulty coping with time and place restrictions of a classroom and want to proceed at their own pace
• cannot attend a local school because they are homebound
• want to accelerate their high school progress
• need basic instruction to improve their skills
• want a quality education in a home-school setting

UM-Independent Study High School offers these advantages:

• core courses in all major curriculum areas
• special or low-enrollment courses
• courses needed for college entrance
• elective courses to meet the needs of students with a wide range of interests
• basic courses for special-needs students
• advanced courses for accelerated students

If your child is a homeschooling veteran, s/he will have no problem at all with using the UM’s ISH program to its fullest. The program is tailor-made for homeschoolers. If your child has recently come to homeschooling from a public school environment, a little period of adjustment may be necessary, to enable him/her to realize the realities of methodical self-discipline that such a program requires. Visit the UM website, for much more information.

Author: Michael Leppert

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