www.artinstructionschools.edu – Founded in 1914 and known as the “premier art study home school in the country,” Art Instruction Schools’ qualified instructors work with students at their own pace, and all supplies and textbooks are sent as needed, from one lesson to the next. Students ages 14 and over may apply; scholarship applications are available.

www.famous-artists-school.com – Famous Artists School, founded more than 50 years ago by Albert Dorne, Norman Rockwell and a variety of renowned artists, offers courses for budding artists on a variety of topics, in addition to a course specifically geared toward young artists.


www.noodleheadfun.com – Noodlehead offers an array of creative products, including canvas-painting kits, silk painting and more. Their website also provides a “Creative Club” which gives more creative ideas, fun and games, as well as a submission form where children can submit their own artwork for display on the Noodlehead website.

www.artstuff.net  – Art Stuff provides a large selection of art supplies, from a variety of mediums to easels, papers and special products – as well as a variety of types of foam board, for school-type projects.

www.brightring.com – Bright Ideas for Learning offers a great number of books for teaching and learning about art, as well as activity books on a variety of topics, including environmental and cooking arts.

www.dickblick.com – This supply company has been providing artists with needed equipment and supplies since 1911. They provide constant sales and discounts on a vast array of items . . . oils, acrylics, brushes, pencils, sculpting materials and supplies, even air purifiers/cleaners to keep the studio environment safe, clean and comfortable.

www.childfun.com/preschool/homeart.shtml – Child Fun offers recipes for a number of homemade art products including fingerpaint, sidewalk chalk and Play-Dough. An additional link directs the viewer to another site, with a multitude of additional recipes.

www.rosiehippos.com – Rosie Hippo’s has a large series of beeswax crayons and other art supplies, as well as watercolors, face pencils, papers and easels. They also offer a variety of art kits including nesting dolls, looms, felt projects and more. Arts and crafts books are also available.

www.growingtreetoys.com – Growing Tree Toys offers an arts and crafts section that provides for supplies, easels, craft kits, activities and more


www.artisticpursuits.com Artistic Pursuits offers art curriculum that is geared toward homeschooling and independent study.  Developed for a variety of grade levels, their curriculum utilizes the natural curiosities and creativities of children to develop their art and interpretive skills. Art supplies are also available.

www.teachartathome.com – Masterpiece Art Instruction offers art curriculum for the homeschool community. CDs, books, lessons and additional learning tools are available, as well as a series of free lessons and projects.

www.homeschoolart.com – Atelier presents DVD-based art lessons that encompass everything from art history and appreciation to the understanding and application of art principles, and more. Curriculum is available for children at a wide variety of ages, and their website provides an easy-to-understand chart to help determine the level of instruction that would be appropriate.

The Getty Museum – www.getty.edu/education/search/curricula.html – The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, presents a series of lesson plans on a variety of topics for a variety of grade levels – from ceramics and still-life to photography and more, The Getty presents a number of lesson plans and related materials, as well as links to additional sources of information. You can also see presentations about both museums, the Villa in Malibu and the main museum.

www.kinderart.com – Kinder Art provides a large collection of lesson plans and activities for children on a variety of topics, as well as a number of crafts and seasonal projects. Teacher’s resources and informative articles are also available.

The Incredible Art Department – www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/lessons.html – The Incredible Art Department offers lesson plans for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School and beyond.  Lessons include a wide variety of concepts including art in different cultures as well as specific art projects and interpretations.

www.pbs.org/teachers/arts – PBS offers resources for educators – Plenty of lessons and ideas for projects at a variety of age groups and grade levels.  Creative lessons involve anything from simply learning about working with a specific medium to creating a piece of art intended to help understand the work of a particular artist. For PreK-12.

www.kidsart.com – Kids Art provides a large selection of lesson plans and supplies for kids’ art.  How-to books are offered, as well as a selection of free resources and a student-submitted gallery.


www.artcyclopedia.com – Artcyclopedia offers a search to links of approximately 180,000 works of art and 8,200 artists.  Search by a variety of options, including artist name, title of work, museum location or genre.

www.metmuseum.org/explore/museumkids.htm – The Metropolitan Museum of art offers fun art experiences online – a combination of art history with related projects for additional exploration and discovery, as well as tools to enhance analytical skills with such activities as “look closely.” Questions, games, movies and more abound on this interactive site.

www.renaissanceconnection.org – The Renaissance Connection presents an interactive site full of information about the Renaissance period, including facts and questions that help kids relate their modern life to the studies. The activities abound and lesson plans are also available.

Just for Kids – www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/for-kids.htm – Just for Kids offers a number of lessons, activities and additional resources for the discovery of Art Appreciation and Art History. A listing of museum websites geared toward children is also available.


www.kid-at-art.com – The Imagination Factory offers a multitude of projects involving the use of recycled materials to create imaginative and unique artwork.Activities are listed by project name as well as by the recycled materials used to make it, using keywords such as “bed sheet,” “foil” and “junkmail,” among many others.

www.kids.albrightknox.org – “Click on Artie” to take you to a listing of games designed primarily for grades K-6. Interactive and fun, the games teach children facts about works of art and their related time periods, while providing the opportunity for them to learn how understand and absorb the details they see.

www.crayola.com – Crayola offers a number of artistic resources on their website. Lesson plans for educators and art resources for parents, special crafts and activities for children and online games and ideas for outdoor fun. Projects include nearly anything from creating animals to discovering science and creating holiday activities.

www.homeschoolartvideos.com – Homeschool Art Videos combines video lessons with art projects to create an easy-to-follow series that is geared towards homeschoolers, but can be enjoyed by the entire family.

www.eduplace.com/monthlytheme/themes.html – Eduplace offers a variety of activities and lessons in creativity and art appreciation. “Art Appreciation” stands along as its own category but the entire listing of categories, from objects to holidays and animals, offers art-related lessons and activities within.

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