Adirondack Learning Academy

by Emerson Sandow Adirondack Learning Academy provides a positive and flexible learning experience online for homeschoolers in grades K-12. ALA recognizes the individual nature of each child – just as their parents do – and that that individual natures thrives on feeling successful and accomplished. ALA ensures that parents and learning coaches work together to achieve such success for each student. Adirondack Learning Academy recognizes the fact that each child possesses a variety of learning styles in varying degrees of dominance. One who learns best by hearing or singing the information (aural) also has a secondary style of learning by touch (tactile) or using the body or motions (kinesthetic). ALA incorporates all of the learning styles into their teaching methods, to ensure that each child receives the learning material in the most powerful and appropriate manner possible. With confidence born of such an experience of success and accomplishment, students can exceed their own expectations and perform well in a demanding curriculum that not only addresses academic skills, but also organization, problem-solving and robust communication skills as well. This occurs in an atmosphere of acceptance and welcoming of a wide range of viewpoints and opinions in order to develop critical thinking skills and reasoning that will last the child’s lifetime. Advanced Placement Classes ALA provides high school students with Advanced Placement classes in the 4 core subject area. Each one is aimed at developing independent thinking and a thirst for advanced learning. ALA’s learning coaches provide leadership and guidance to each student in this enriched environment. ALA’s counselors and staff develop a custom, individual program taking into account the child’s strengths. ALA also acknowledges academic excellence in their students. Those who meet the following achievements are nominated for membership in the National Honor Society for High School Scholars: • 1750 SAT score or higher • 200 PSAT score or higher • 26+ ACT score or higher • Score 4 or higher on any AP exam • Score 5 or higher on any IB exam • 5 Cumulative GPA (4.0 Scale) or higher (or equivalent GPA) • Top 10% rank in class Graduation ALA uses the state requirements of each individual student to determine his/her graduation eligibility.  Each graduating senior will receive a homeschool diploma from Adirondack Learning Academy and an official transcript stating that the student has completed the requirements for graduation in his/her state. To see a video demo and complete information on this excellent homeschooling virtual academy, visit Adirondack’s website,

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