American Academy Christian-based Homeschool Academy, pre-K-High School Phone: 866-605-7772 Email: The American Academy 5350 S. Western, Suite 318 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109 ============ The variety of Christian-based homeschooling resources has grown exponentially over the last few years. Homeschooling support groups, online curricula, and subject-specific materials can be readily found. However, it has become more difficult to find traditional, comprehensive, Christian-based curricula for home study. Lesson plans are often complex and require intense preparation or expensive materials – time and money are two things that are in short supply for many families. Ask yourself: Do you believe education should come before socialization? Do you believe homeschooling curricula should develop a strong Christian character? Do you want your child’s education to instill a love for our country and a desire to perpetuate our American heritage?   American Academy has developed an entire academic program emphasizing the development of personal character and Christian family values. The Founder and President of American Academy, Marvin L. Reynolds, has more than 30 years of educational experience. His deeply-held Christian convictions form the backbone to the educational goals of American Academy. The staff, including Mr. Reynolds, are ready to support parents in their homeschooling endeavors. In addition to offering parents guidance and educational expertise, American Academy provides record-keeping — report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and graduation services. From curriculum, to socialization, American Academy is ready and eager to help every parent become a successful homeschooling educator.   Along with wholesome, supportive, nationally-recognized supportive materials, American Academy uses The School of Tomorrow as the foundation for their academic program. The School of Tomorrow, also known as Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), emphasizes an individual education program and focuses on student mastery of educational competencies and course requirements. This curriculum is a complete and comprehensive review of content, promoting goal-setting and consistently rewarding student achievement. It also encourages student responsibility and self-motivation through the self-instructional work texts.   The beginning is a series of academic assessment and placement tests to identify strengths and areas needing improvement. Every subject aims to build a positive attitude, based on the love of God and develop Christian values, based upon the lessons in the Bible.   To begin enrollment, each student must complete the Student Diagnostic Test and return it to American Academy by mail. Parents also need to review the Training Handbook in the enrollment packet. It is a perfect guide for first-time homeschoolers, but also offers plenty of advice for more experienced parents. Whatever grade your child “should” be entering in public school, these placement tests will offer the individualized curriculum your student needs to succeed. More than academic knowledge, American Academy works with you to train children to think independently, to make decisions from values which are based on respect for the authority of God, and offers the tools they need to build a productive and successful life.   For more information, including tuition costs and enrollment procedures, please visit their website at