American Academy – Social Studies

American Academy Social Studies Uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Accredited Curriculum.

Social Studies 1 (Grade 1) (PACEs 1001-1012) The student:

  • Learns about Ace and Christi. • Builds reading skills. • Begins globe and map study and reads about Pilgrims and the United States. • Develops respect for the law, obedience to rules and laws, and good study habits. • Learns to care for things, that hard work is a virtue, how to share with others, and ownership.Social Studies 2 (Grade 2) (PACEs 1013-1024) The student: • Learns about travel—maps, signs, the compass, camping, and directions. • Expands his understanding of our country—freedom, the Capital, our President, citizenship, flags and pledges, famous buildings, Washington, D.C., George Washington, and rules and laws. • Learns about communities, farms and ranches, fruits and orchards. n Builds reading comprehension and learns new vocabulary in every PACE.

    Social Studies 3 (Grade 3) (PACEs 1025-1036) The student: • Is introduced to different forms of communication—telephone, telegram, languages, sign language, Braille, microphones, audio recording, the printing press, and prayer. • Learns about conservation of water and land use and the natural resources water and gas. • Discovers geography—continents on the map and globe, Spain, and Israel. • Distinguishes between different types of communities, businesses, and agriculture—farms and products. • Expands knowledge of American history—Christopher Columbus, colonization, slavery, George Washington Carver, and our government.

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