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The stimulus provided by working with the hands in a concentrated, patient manner provides an increase in brain function. Giving a child a reason to be patient and persevere and allowing a child to concentrate in an enjoyable way for long periods, builds a strong foundation for a long attention span and ability to focus on a task all through life. Also, there is the pleasure and gratification gained from creating a piece of artwork, beautiful and useful, that will last for many years. Basket weaving is one of the most functional and satisfying of these crafts and can be made a fun family activity very easily! Fairly young children can be taught simple weaving techniques using a variety of materials including reeds, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, special wire, palm fronds, grasses and many other materials. Since woven baskets are among the oldest man-made artifacts found by archeologists, a simple study of this craft offers a historical and cultural connection to every group of people on earth. This makes basket weaving a perfect Unit Study basis, providing artistic, historical, and cultural study and hand-eye coordination practice.
The end results of basket weaving are both decorative and functional. Woven wall-hangings provide colorful and pleasing decorations for the home; properly woven baskets can be used to carry flowers and herbs from the garden to the kitchen, and can even function as floor decorations that hold magazines and the like. A few very beautiful, large baskets spread around the house to hold diverse objects offer true beauty while providing organization and neatness to a room. Of course, a woven basket makes a heartfelt personal gift that virtually anyone will enjoy receiving. A basket weaving supplier also has accessories to aid the beginning basket weaver, such as pre-made pieces that can serve as a basis for a basket as well as kits, tips and ideas galore. Please visit our sponsor’s website, for complete information.

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