Bad Wolf Press – Musical Theatre Curriculum K-9+ Phone: 888-827-8661 Fax: 650-285-6291 Email: [email protected] 216 Mt Hermon Road Ste E372 Scotts Valley, California 95066 by Emerson Sandow Bad Wolf Press has created a series of clever musical plays that teach basic concepts in an imaginative and fun-inspiring way. Not only is academic information delivered via the plays, but the cast members practice important social skills, such as camaraderie, public speaking, teamwork and cooperation. One example is the musical play “Character Matters”, wherein the (recovering) Wicked Witch and others, help in character-building issue — Cinderella with anger management, the Big Bad Wolf learns the Golden Rule, etc. Because the scripts are not preachy, audience students pay attention to them and acting students can enjoy playing the roles. “Character Matters” is typical of the packages offered: $39.95 buys you everything you need for a successful production! (Buy 2 or more plays and get each for only $30.00.)
  • Illustrated script (with the right to make copies for your students/actors)
  • CD with rehearsal music and performance music – On the recording you’ll first hear our singers demonstrate all the songs, then just the musical accompaniments to each song so you can hear and perform the shows. You don’t have to sing or play a note!
  • Teacher’s Guide: 10-15 pages of how-to suggestions
  • NO performance royalty as long as no tickets are sold
  • Lifetime performance rights!
Bad Wolf also offers licensing packages that make it affordable to bring a performing arts curriculum to a grade level or entire school. Because what we learn in enjoyment lasts for many years, Bad Wolf’s approach to communicating a variety of ideas and facts in an enjoyable way, makes it very effective and powerful. Since 1995, over 150,000 Bad Wolf classroom productions have been staged, world-wide, proving it is a powerful resource for homeschool support groups and others. Visit the website for complete information. E.S.