Bad Wolf Press’ New Musical Play: “Matter and Its Properties: The Science of Stuff”

35-minute musical play for grades 2-6  Includes • Script • Teacher’s Guide and • Audio Recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)  Simple to do – no music or drama experience needed! ============= By Michael Leppert Bad Wolf Press is an ingenious company that creates original plays for schools, churches, civic groups and homeschool groups to perform. Combining learning or thinking concepts with theatrical presentations is a powerful way to embed the information into a child’s memory, develop public speaking skills and have fun all at the same time! Now, Bad Wolf Press is offering a Science Curriculum, “Matter and Its Properties.” It provides the following information, to help children become familiar with these concepts: • What matter is • Properties of matter • Composition of objects from particles, which can be combined in different ways to make new objects with potentially    different properties • States of matter (solid, liquid, gas) • Arrangement of particles in each state • Changes in state • Boiling, melting, freezing points • Evaporation and condensation • Reversible and irreversible change Matter and Its Properties is a great supplement to whatever your curriculum is in physical science. Coupled with the other skills that are developed in rehearsing and performing a play, Matter provides an exceptional learning vehicle for any homeschooler and homeschool group. Of course, Bad Wolf offers a complete line of appropriate plays (and guidance for parents/teachers) for young actors and actresses, providing the same array of skill development mentioned above – reading, comprehension, memorization, working with a team, public speaking and movement in one central activity that is also entertaining to families and friends! Please visit the website and browse the complete catalog of plays — MjL