Book1One Yearbooks

Book1One Yearbooks – Quality Publishing of Your Memories! by Michael Leppert A yearbook is one of the positive elements of institutional school that homeschoolers can also enjoy. If your support group or private ISP offers end-of-year and/or graduation benefits, Book1One, a digital book manufacturer, provides high-quality, affordable yearbooks to keep your family’s memories alive for years to come. Cherished relationships and activities will be memorialized in a beautiful, professionally-created volume that will bring you years of enjoyment. The Book1One Yearbook state-of-the-art publishing service is complete and fast. All you need is a digital camera to take the photos of students, faculty, events, parents . . . you name it. Next, you design your cover and the page layout you want and you have two options for laying out your pages. You can use your own software program to design and lay it out or Book1One offers a free downloadable photo book software to use in creating your pages. Once you have the layout finished, you simply upload the print-ready PDF files to Book1One’s platform, chose the specifications of your books, then they take care of the rest! Creating a beautiful, lasting yearbook could not be easier. Book1One has a price calculator on their website that allows you to obtain an accurate price quote without phoning or even submitting an e-mail! Very few yearbook publishers offer such a flexible way to find out the cost of your book. You simply go to the website, click on the “Yearbook” tab and then go down to the “Get an Instant Price Quote” button on the right side of the page. You have choices of covers, page size, paper finish, paper weight, number of pages and number of books. In a split second of filling in all of the information, you have a quote for three quantities so you can see the price per book based on your paper, size, cover and finish specifications. Book1One’s website also provides a book cover sizing graphic tool which will give you the correct dimensions to size your cover correctly for both hard and softcover books. You will not have to worry if your cover will fit correctly with the help of these diagrams. Finally, Book1One has no minimum order requirements, so no matter the size of your support group or ISP, you can offer yearbooks to each student. Their turnaround time is very fast, as well – five business days for all of the non-hardcover choices and ten business days for hard covers. Book1One provides excellent personal service via e-mail or phone. Please visit their website, and take advantage of their design and easy quote services today! MjL