Conceptual Academy Science – Curriculum Video & Free Resources See a FREE SAMPLE COURSE on the website Biology Chemistry Astronomy Earth Science Physics =========== by Michael Leppert If the idea of teaching science to your child gives you nightmares about complete failure and raising a child who is completely science illiterate, there is hope for restful nights and sunny days! It comes in the form of Conceptual Academy, an online resource for science instruction to homeschoolers. You might love the idea of an experienced, professional science instructor teaching the serious aspects of science via online video and leaving the fun labs and experiments to you and your child. If so, Conceptual Academy is your answer. You can rest easy, knowing that your household is in good hands, science-wise. Conceptual Academy offers a wide variety of resources for homeschoolers and teachers, alike. Their free video Science Mini Experiments are perfect for homeschooling parents and use household items that parents can use with their children to engage them in a scientific “discovery” mode. Click on the Free Activities tab on the website. Each of the Conceptual Academy science textbooks offers a variety of hands-on projects at the end of each chapter. Many homeschooling families find that these activities provide the laboratory portion of their science curriculum. Conceptual Academy suggests that you sign up for the “Mini-Experiments” newsletter and they offer lab manuals for each book title. These manuals are conveniently available online. Conceptual also offers pre-made lab kits that follow each of their courses. Conceptual Academy’s curriculum is affordable and easy to use, with all of the materials – textbooks and lab kits — available along with the library of video lessons, which you can re-view as often as necessary. They offer a FREE SAMPLE COURSE and besides that there is much interesting and enjoyable information to gain from viewing the website and considering using Conceptual Academy as your science curriculum. MjL