Distance Learning High Schools

The Internet has not provided a more valuable tool to high school students than distance learning high schools. There are a wide variety of online high schools that offer extensive curricula to any student who wishes to avail himself of this in-the-living-room style of learning and can exercise the personal discipline to do so. All courses required for high school graduation and/or college entrance are available now, including all maths from elementary high school math to algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry; all levels of English and Language Arts; Creative Writing; History – American and World; Geography, typically, cultural and social as well as traditional topographical;  the basic foreign languages of Spanish, French and German – with some even offering Chinese and Japanese now.
In addition, a number of distance learning high schools offer credit recovery for students who are short a number of credits for graduation – few or more. Some schools, especially those connected with a university, offer dual credit – high school and college – so their students can get a head start on college studies. This feature is particularly attractive to homeschoolers who are motivated to complete their course work quickly and early so they can move on to “real” life work or graduate school. Many online high schools also provide a non-college track for students who may wish to enter a vocational school or trade school and simply need a high school diploma and its accompanying education. Virtually all of these high schools are accredited by their regional agencies for accreditation of higher learning institutions and all of them grant diplomas and transcript record-keeping for the student’s college admission processes.

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