Don’t Let Weak Reading/Spelling Stand in Your Way!

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  • 36 million American adults can’t read or spell functionally
  • Many more can’t read above 5th grade level
  • Phonics is the best way to learn reading and spelling
  • Self-teaching phonics is the solution
  • Dyslexics learn faster with pictures
  • Dyslexics learn better with simplicity and direct guidance
  • Pictured Flash Cards and DVD lessons are the ABC Read way
  • Among unemployed adults, 75% are illiterate
  • Among incarcerated adults, 70% are illiterate
  • Easy-to-use and successful (see our website testimonials)
Over 30 years ago, ABC Read was born of necessity. Barbara Knobloch began to develop a learning program when she found out that her daughter was 1-1/2 years behind grade level in reading. Barbara knew that phonics was the best way to teach reading and the ABC Read products are all phonics-based. As Barbara developed her ideas more fully, her husband began to add his artistic skill to the mix and the ABC Read flash card idea was born!