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http://www.educationanywhere.com/ 10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 70 Sterling, Virginia 20165 Phone: (703) 4ED-0805 Fax: (703) 4ED-0378 Toll Free: (877) 4ED-0805 Email[email protected] By Michael Leppert One of the premier online middle school and high school institutions is ED Anywhere, based in Sterling, (northern) Virginia, near Washington, DC. ED Anywhere has had a bricks-and-mortar school for many years and they began their online curriculum in 2008. They were one of the first such schools and their high school diploma program is accredited by a number of accrediting organizations and it is affiliated with all 50 states and many foreign countries, meaning they are approved for online study and their high school diplomas are recognized by all universities and colleges. Their high school graduation rate is 93%, among the highest in the country. Recently, ED Anywhere has revised their curriculum, adding more audio, video and more classes – nearly double what they offered previously. The curriculum is also more rigorous than before. While most regular high schools teach to the Common Core tests, ED Anywhere has fashioned its curriculum to conform to what universities are demanding of incoming freshmen. Graduates of ED Anywhere not only have the ability to be accepted by major universities, but they do well once they are there. Over the past 10 to 15 years, one of the major issues in high schools and universities is the politicization of the faculty and grading.  If a student does not answer a question “correctly” according to the school’s political indoctrination, the answer is deemed “wrong”.  This is contrary to the meaning and spirit of education and is a major problem with those graduating from high school or college. They do not possess objective knowledge, but only that which fits the indoctrination of the school.  ED Anywhere does not engage in indoctrination, but in educating in an intellectual manner. ED Anywhere offers credit recovery to high school students. If a student failed a class, ED Anywhere’s  pre-test weeds out what the student has mastered, so the school can instruct with a focus on what the student has not mastered and do an exam based on that. Using this streamlined approach, students can re-do a subject test in half of the time over what would normally be required to repeat everything again. Individualized education is created in homeschooling, with the administration of ED Anywhere customizing the curriculum for each homeschooling family.  After conferring with the parents and the student, they assemble an educational plan specifically for that child. Other perks that ED Anywhere offers its students are: dual enrollment for high school and college at the same time. The school works with a local community college, offering their students college credits and high school credits at the same time. And there is a three-year fast track program for high schoolers, with two different tracks – College Prep and Vocational or Standard. The College Prep Track has advanced classes – heavy math up to calculus, Science classes, and allows the student to be more competitive regarding gaining admittance to Ivy League schools. The Vocational Track starts with a self-administered Interest Inventory, that point out aptitudes and interests to help the school and student focus on key professional possibilities.  The vocational track allows students to get trade skills or certifications at a community college and apply them to electives credits for early graduation. Another help that is specific to homeschoolers is that often families will put their own curriculum together, but there is no official credit – only a portfolio or transcripts. Families talk to the staff at ED Anywhere about the courses and then do proficiency testing out of classes and the school gives the student official credit.  If the student does poorly on a particular section, the school will help the student to work more on that area and then re-test later. All in all, ED Anywhere is one of the best choices for online education for homeschoolers. Please visit their website, http://www.educationanywhere.com/ and take a long time to review all of their exciting advantages and offerings. MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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