Flip Flop Learning — Spanish Face To Face

http://www.flipfloplearning.com/ Suzanne Gose, creator of Flip Flop Learning Spanish believes in a a vital and unique approach to language learning: That a student has to learn it as s/he uses it – face to face, not face to screen or face to book, but actually interacting with others. Based on my own experience with Spanish, I find Suzanne’s premise to be true. I began picking up Spanish as a by-product of working in Southern California restaurants. Many of my co-workers were from Mexico and all over Central America and I had an opportunity to listen to them converse and pick up words and phrases for eight hours per day, 5 days per week. After learning a few key phrases, such as “como se dice _______?” – “How do you say______?” I was off and running. Suzanne Gose’s program only requires three days per week, using Flip Flop Learning’s See It and Say It Whole Family program. This allows teaching parents to work with children on a reasonable schedule and comes complete with games, charades, skits, audio, visual, and tactile learning. The entire family will move quickly through the short lessons on CD, approximately three per lesson. Lessons include optional writing elements as well as plenty of voice bubbles coming from the program’s mascot Egg Head, to explain the grammatical concepts along the way. Completely flashcard based, with tons of extra activities throughout, this program is great for the entire family – and you know that children love to learn along with their parent! See It and Say It is a complete, two-year curriculum, which can be used over and over. An important part of really knowing another language is being comfortable in speaking it – the proper accent and the correct vocabulary. One does not want to speak in broken Spanish and having the entire family learning together makes it easy to practice and correct one’s Spanish in a casual conversational manner, increasing everyone’s learning and confidence. Flip Flop also has a wide array of supplemental materials, including a Bingo game, an Activities Calendar and a Vocabulary Builder. You can see the complete line at http://www.currclick.com and searching for the Flip Flop section. If you want to learn this great language that is so important to the United States, visit Suzanne Gose’s Flip Flop Learning! MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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