Greek and Latin Morphemes – Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary for Life

Two programs from Ready to Teach designed to improve SAT & ACT scores and communication skills Ready to Teach 500 Elmington Avenue, # 312 Nashville, TN  37205 615-838-2077 [email protected] Review by Michael Leppert Modern homeschoolers have a wealth of educational resources at their fingertips to ensure that their children receive the very best education possible. Two skills essential for a successful and fulfilling adult life are the ability to communicate through speaking and writing. The foundation of both written and verbal communication is a wide and deep vocabulary. Dr. Alene Harris, of Ready to Teach, has developed two vocabulary-building programs – Greek Morphemes and Latin Morphemes – that will bring your child a powerful way to learn English words and put them to use. Another positive effect of this learning is that students who have larger vocabularies and especially knowledge of English words from Greek and Latin score much higher on the SAT and ACT tests. By the way, a morpheme is the smallest unit of language that has meaning. Morphemes are in three categories: prefixes (coming before the word root), word roots (the middle), and suffixes (coming at the end of the word root). Many of our existing English words – and future ones for certain – come from these small units inherited from the two ancient languages, Greek and Latin. Learning these morphemes enables one to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar English words in a similar way that knowing the sounds learned in phonics allows one to sound out a word. Greek Morphemes Instructor Set consists of two 8.5 x 11 soft-cover volumes – a  113-page Instructor’s Manual and a 103-page Student Text that have 12 lessons with information, exercises, and activities designed to present the material and reinforce it in an enjoyable and effective manner. There are also PowerPoint presentations and reviews relating to each lesson (available in either CD or USB flash drive). Latin Morphemes Instructor Set consists of 18 lessons contained in two 8.5 x 11 soft-cover volumes just as the Greek set, with 157-page Instructor’s Manual and a 140-page Student Text and the PowerPoint presentations and reviews mentioned above (available in either CD or USB flash drive). The lessons are easy to use, understand, and review so that your child will gain – and enjoy – a knowledge of Greek and Latin influence on English and become a more effective writer and speaker – for his/her adult life! Both sets are very affordable and can be used for an entire year of study. Because the material is presented and then reinforced in a variety of ways, when used properly, the learning becomes permanent. Your child will benefit immeasurably from using these two sets and you, too, can benefit by learning right alongside him/her. A person is never too old to learn new information . . . this makes for good modeling to your child as well! Visit the morphemes website at, to learn more about the program, and download a sample lesson from Ready to Teach. MjL