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http://historyunboxed.com/ by Michael Leppert Two of the History Unboxed topics For ages 5-9 or 10-15 Anglo-Saxon England, MesoAmerica, China, Athens, Egypt, India What child would not want to “visit” these exotic and significant locations and be steeped in their past? History Unboxed makes it possible, all from the comfort of your classroom. Each box contains materials to create arts & crafts, illustrated texts, projects to do – all centered on a specific place and period of time and with an affordable price tag. Here is a glimpse into some of the projects and activities of History Unboxed: The Anglo-Saxon Box contains: Instructions to assemble and decorate an Anglo-Saxon shield; read an excerpt from Beowulf; play with Trading Cards featuring Anglo-Saxon gods; color an ancient A-S village and other projects to truly allow your students to “breathe the air” of these early Europeans who play such a significant role in our own world. The Athens Box contains: Instructions to make Attic Black pottery; learning some of Plato’s famous statements; listen to a CD of Greek Myths; color the Parthenon and more! Each box contains the materials necessary to complete the projects, with the exception of perishable items, that have to be purchased separately. But the entire kit is ready to be used immediately. Elizabeth Hauris is the originating mastermind behind History Unboxed – a brilliant history curriculum when used in conjunction with the online information offered to subscribers or an exciting supplement to engage students in the study of these places and historical periods. Elizabeth has many years of teaching experience and the idea for History Unboxed developed over time, as she tried to engage young children in learning history. While Elizabeth had the first spark of the idea, History Unboxed is a team of people who are educators or artists and crafts creators. Stephanie is an eight-year veteran classroom teacher, with a Masters in Elementary Education and also has been a Montessori teacher. She does fact-checking of everything and develops creative content now, along with Elizabeth. Stephanie is also working on a new subscription line – an American History version, which is anticipated to be ready January, 2016, ideally. Then there are David and Matt, artist/illustrators with many years’ experience and finally, Ms. Brier Clough, an arts and crafts developer. History Unboxed comes in two age-group versions – 5-9 and 10-15. The younger child version is meant to be used with an educator, while the older child kits are designed for self-directed learners and do not require constant supervision by a teacher. The website for History Unboxed contains many more products and the team is developing new ones all of the time, so be sure to visit http://historyunboxed.com/ to see the entire world of History Unboxed. MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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