Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish

By Judy Martialay Published by: Polyglotkidz Press www.polyglotkidz.com 30 pages, 8.5 x 11, soft cover Ages: approximately 6 through 10 ================ By Michael Leppert Judy Martialy’s book for beginning Spanish learning is a colorful and fun simple story book that adds art projects and a song or two, to the mix, to provide a complete basic introduction to this popular and fast-growing language. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world, with 400 million speakers in 21 countries! The United States can claim a few million of these speakers and every large city can boast a sizable Spanish-speaking population, making it possible for children to hear native pronunciation and hasten development of the language. Of course, to begin with, because Using Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish offers a FREE audio version on the website, the child can begin to hear the living language right at home! This free resource is invaluable, because children can imitate  correct pronunciation and gain an unconscious grasp of some Spanish construction – the concept of gender, singular, plural, sentence word order, etc., in a relaxed fashion. Once the student has had an opportunity to practice vocabulary and speaking with family members or friends, s/he can have the confidence to venture into basic conversations with others, as well as procure more advanced Spanish books and resources, to broaden the language base. Spanish is one of the oldest of the Romance languages, and along with Italian, is the closest to Latin, the mother-tongue of the Romance family. Spanish has a rich and long literary history, including Miquel  de Cervantes, (1547 – 1616) often referred to as the “Shakespeare of Spanish”; poets such as Frederico Garcia Lorca, and modern authors as well, such as Miquel Delibes, all of whom use their beloved country of Spain as a background character in their works. Learning Spanish is enriching and has many advantages in brain development and cultural depth. To begin the journey to Spanish literacy, visit www.polyglotkidz.com, buy Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish and get your free audio version!  MjL