Hollow Woodworks – Whimsy That Lasts “Forever”

http://www.hollowwoodworks.com/ 805 Ferguson Ave Ferguson MO 63135 Toll free: 800 383 0247 by Joseph Grayhaim No doubt, you have seen the map of the United States in a heavy, colorful wooden “puzzle” form. That is the creation of Jim Beecher’s Hollow Woodworks. But their offerings go far beyond the US Map. They also produce whimsical and pleasing items such as a round Tooth Fairy Box, that has a poem on the lid to the fairy, asking for a trade – tooth for money – and your child’s name engraved below the poem. Two other imaginative toys are a tiny wooden train whose cars are the letters of your child’s name and “name” puzzles – jigsaw puzzles of heavy wood in your child’s name. These items provide a high-quality decorative function even after the child has outgrown them. Jim Beecher has been handcrafting custom wooden products since 1985 in the now-infamous community of Ferguson, MO. Jim wants people to associate Ferguson with his colorful, hand-crafted, 100% American made items rather than the riots and turmoil of 2015. Jim’s team of employees are from Ferguson, and many have been taught their skills by Jim. With each piece they create, the Ferguson Small Business Community is enhanced and improved. Jim and his team strive to satisfy the needs of their existing customers and future ones with their top quality beautiful wooden products – educational and entertaining. Whatever you want, they will deliver. A few minutes spent on their website will reveal the wide range of possibilities that Hollow Woodworks offers in personalized children’s furniture, puzzles and flights of fantasy like the Tooth Fairy Box. Please contact Jim Beecher with your custom requests and let him give you a quote for that special piece for that special little person or people in your family! JG