Homeschooling for Sensible Reasons

Many families choose to homeschool to avoid having their children exposed to the wide variety of social points of view that are contra the Christian values of modern Americans of faith. There is a strong case to be made for these families being free to exercise their freedom of choice in the matter of what their children learn, when they learn it and from whom. This is true, not only in the matter of sex education, but even in the matter of how the Founding Fathers are perceived. It is becoming an increasingly popular attitude, in mainstream America, to view Jefferson and Washington dimly for their slave-holding. While these facts are not comfortable to digest, the fact remains that these — and other of the Founding Fathers — were still great men and unselfishly accomplished great deeds for themselves and succeeding generations. If Christians want to hold the Founders up to their children as great examples of Christian citizenship, they have that right – as do their critics, because of these Founders’ wisdom and foresight.
Also, many Christian homeschooling families prefer to use the materials and methods of a bygone era that produced much more learned thinkers than the modern institutional ways do. All it takes is a short review of the Federalist Papers and the knowledge that these writings were debated in taverns and public houses by the “common man” of the Colonial period to recognize that a great deal of training in critical thinking and basic reasoning are missing from the modern curriculum. Teaching to a test is not adequate to raise up men and women of intelligence for the future. A number of Christian homeschooling families use “archaic” materials such as the McRuffy Reader, Saxon Math, The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, historical fiction by G.A. Henty, factual historical accounts that are not homogenized and bent by modern political correctness, as well as penmanship, scientific reasoning and “dense” subject matter that creates a child who knows how to teach himself or herself and to do so for a lifetime. One does not have to be a Christian to see the value and importance of these ways of Christian homeschooling and the materials for doing so are readily available to any parent who seeks for them.

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