Homeschooling in Washington State Increases According to the Washington State Superintendent of Public Schools, there has been a 6% increase in the number of children who are now homeschooled. Why is this? There are many speculations. Many parents now realize that “one-size fits all education” is not working for their family. As hard as public teachers may try to differentiate instruction, many are still falling short in the area, especially in middle and high schools. Parent also want to pay a more fundamental role in their child’s education, especially in the upper grades so they may prepare them for what is to come after 12th grade. It was also reported that parents who have decided to homeschool, are still getting the same “cookie-cutter” question, “Are you not worried about your child getting enough socialization?” Parents of homeschooling children are keenly aware that most children in public schools are told not to socialize during class, due to discipline issues and classroom management of large classes.

Author: Michael Leppert

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