How Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) Can Supplement Your Homeschooling Efforts

Visit or call (919) 668-9100 For those homeschooling a child with exceptional academic potential, Duke TIP is an indispensable resource. TIP provides access to above-level testing, various educational resources—including self-study options—academic programs developed specifically for gifted students, and research-based advice to For more than 36 years, the Duke University Talent Identification Program has been devoted to supporting academically talented students and advising parents and teachers on how to meet their unique academic, social, and emotional needs. Since taking on this important mission, TIP has served over 2.8 million academically talented students, providing resources, hands-on experiences, and memories that last a lifetime. No student should miss out on the opportunity to reach their full potential. Here’s how you can make the most out of Duke TIP as the parent of a homeschooler: Enroll your student in a Duke TIP academic talent search. Enrolling in Duke TIP’s 4th-6th Talent Search or 7th Grade Talent Search allows your student to take an above-grade level test, more accurately measuring their level of giftedness. Younger talent search participants in grades 4-6 can take the PSAT 8/9 test designed for 8th graders, while 7th Grade Talent Search participants take the ACT or SAT. The highest scorers are honored at recognition ceremonies, while all talent search participants receive special publications, access to online academic resources, and other benefits. Visit for more on TIP’s talent searches. Then, call (919) 668-9100 for information on qualification procedures for homeschooled students. Supplement your teaching efforts with TIP’s independent learning courses. These do-it-yourself courses are perfect for parents of homeschoolers, guiding you and your student through a fun learning experience. There are courses available in all disciplines. No matter what your student is passionate about, they’ll have no problem finding a course that will challenge and inspire them. Our Independent Learning Courses are available in formats ranging from workbooks to CDs and computer-based courses. Some are designed to be taken with the help of a mentor (which could be you). All allow students to pursue enrichment learning at their own pace. Additionally, TIP is excited to offer a special student version of Rosetta Stone© in 25 languages. Talent search participants get a discount on all independent study courses, so be sure to enroll! Visit for more information. Enroll your student in a TIP educational program. Our summer residential programs are known globally for the high quality of instruction and the strong peer friendships they inspire. Students must be a member of a TIP talent search and achieve specific qualifying scores to attend TIP’s Center or Academy Summer Studies Programs for grades 7-10, which take place on the campus of universities across the Southeast. TIP also offers an eStudies program each summer that features accelerated instruction for gifted students, very small classes (no more than 24 students), and personal attention from expert instructors. High school students can also choose to attend a portfolio-based Field Studies Program, which provides hands-on learning experiences at unique locations. Duke TIP’s CRISIS, for talent search participants in grades 5-6, builds teamwork and leadership skills by challenging students to collaborate as they solve a virtual problems through occupation-based research. TIP also offers academic-year programs called Academic Adventures (for 4th and 6th graders) and Scholar Weekends (grades 7-11) at various locations around the Southeast. Financial aid is available to defray the cost of attending TIP’s educational programs. Learn more at Take advantage of TIP’s research-based resources for parents and teachers via TIP’s well-respected Digest of Gifted Research, Educational Opportunity Guide, and opportunities to consult with TIP staff. Duke TIP has been active in gifted education since 1980 and its researchers are constantly working on groundbreaking studies into the various academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted students, earning worldwide recognition. The information gleaned from these studies is invaluable for parents seeking to motivate and nurture a student with exceptional academic potential. Duke TIP has special enrollment options for homeschoolers. Visit or call (919) 668-9100 to learn more.