Hugg a Planet – You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands! 136 Jimmo Drive, Ste 4 Colchester VT 05446 Voice: (802) 891-6645 Fax: (802) 878-8909 Orders: 1-800-332-7840 (US only) E-mail: [email protected] By Michael Leppert One company has developed a unique way to raise our knowledge and consciousness about our planet and also, each other. Hugg-a-Planet is a line of cloth globes of varying sizes and contents that can be hugged, studied and tossed – however you see fit! The basic Hugg a Planet (HAP) has the continents labeled, but not the countries or other aspects of the earth. It is ideal for a young child to hug or play catch with and eventually, to study a bit of geography with. Then there is the Classical Political HAP that is like a regular globe, showing countries and territories. There is Hugg-America, pocket HAP, Hugg-a-Moon, Hugg-a-Star, Hugg-a-Mars . . . the full line is quite extensive. The HAP products provide a fun and novel way to learn about the earth and some of the celestial bodies, too, while providing a safe and enjoyable plaything. HAP is perfect for the child who learns with action – you can discuss the geographical aspects of the earth while tossing the HAP back and forth. Peace Toys also offers two other organic cotton plush toys – a whale and a teddy bear; both are cuddly and perfect for little hands to squeeze and love! The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility has even utilized HAP toys for conflict resolution. One peaceful planet starts with one child or one person and a HAP! Please visit the Peace Toys website, to learn more about their complete line of educational toys and to order from them. Get the whole world in your hands! MjL

Author: Michael Leppert

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