Logos Science — Serious Laboratory Kits with a strong Christian Emphasis

Age Range: 7th grade to AP High School Cost Range: $174 to $299 Sample Kit: $50 Subject: Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, Life Science Location: Lake George, CO Website: www.logosscience.com

To order contact Precept Marketing at 610-286-2038 or 800-511-2771

E-mail: website form Phone: 866-700-1884 by Janet Esposito Written from a Creation viewpoint, each of the Logos lab experiments includes a devotional related to the subject of the experiment. Logos Science helps Christian homeschool parent-teachers overcome the difficulty and cost associated with setting up a working laboratory and the ease of use leads to more handson lab.
Logos Science also provides homeschoolers the labs needed to succeed at the college level. Our labs are ordered to follow BJU Press® science text books and are also correlated with many other popular Christian science text books including Apologia®, Abeka® etc. Kits include: Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics and Life Science. You can order a Sample Kit — The Sample kit contains experiments from each of the high school and middle school Logos Science lab kits. Developed with safety in mind, the kit offers a complete lab with virtually everything necessary to perform the various experiments. Purchase a Logos Science Sample Kit and receive a coupon valued at $50 off on the purchase of 4 or more Logos Science lab kits. The kit contains almost everything needed, including 33 different types of equipment, 5 chemicals, 110-page manual, and Teacher’s Answer Guide.

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