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  • Affordable ($99 per course)
  • Continuous enrollment
  • Wide array of business courses
  • Non-credit Preparation for four-year degree regimen
By Michael Leppert Professor Jay Berman, of the University of New Hampshire, has a tremendous business education opportunity for undergrads — especially homeschoolers – Main Street Business School. Main Street is affordable, online, with continuous enrollment and the student can log on anytime to work on a course. Professor Berman and his wife are homeschooling parents themselves and the Professor can appreciate the importance of providing affordable, cut-to-the-chase, online business courses to our older children, to provide the foundation of their business leadership education with which to build on in four-year schools. Main Street courses provide low-cost opportunities to “test drive” an undergraduate non-credit business education before committing money and years to a degree-granting college or university.  The purpose is to introduce the student to the subject matter inexpensively. Main Street Business School has a wide variety of courses available, all for only $99 each. A few are: Introduction to Business – If you have never taken a business course or need a refresher, Prof. Berman recommends you take this course before taking any other course. “A business provides goods and services for a profit.  In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of the major functions common to all businesses:” 1. Accounting 2. Finance 3. Management 4. Marketing 5. Operations Management 101 Learn the key concepts of business management. Management is the leadership class of any organization, whether for-profit or non-profit.  Managers are responsible for:
  1. Efficiency: Use or waste as few resources as possible, especially money.
  2. Effectiveness: Achieve goals as soon and as completely as possible.
  3. Successful Manager: Highly efficient and highly effective.
Recommended text: The Practice of Management by Peter Drucker Recommended text: The Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono. Finance 101 – In this course, you will learn the core concepts of finance applicable for all business and organizations large and small. Suggested prerequisite, Accounting: Introduction to Financial Statements
  1. Accounting Review 2. Financial Analysis and Planning 3. Short-Term Financing 4. Long-Term Financing
This is just a thumbnail view of the complete course offerings by Main Street Business and all are only $99 complete. Visit the website today and begin planning for your business future with Jay Berman’s Main Street Business School. MjL