NEEDAK Rebounders

NEEDAK Rebounders 120 W Douglas Street O’Neill, NE  68763  USA 800-232-5762 by Joseph Grayhaim A Needak Rebounder is a small, individual trampoline that is perfect for getting an aerobic workout in a limited amount of space. Besides its cardiovascular value in aerobics, using a Rebounder also improves neural and motor skills, balance, builds muscle tone and provide fun – all at the same time. Since 1990, the Needak Soft Bounce® Rebounder company has been specializing in manufacturing Rebounders and Needak Rebounders are of the highest-quality, affordable and fully American made! Needak has a Rebounder for everyone – heavy-duty rebounders for users over 300 pounds and accessories such as a stabilizing bar, providing a hand-hold for those with balance issues, so aerobic rebounding is possible for almost anyone. And its Soft Bounce®technology absorbs 85% of the impact, making it easier on the legs than regular jogging in place. Exercising that requires balance builds neuro pathways where there were none, thereby increasing the overall health of the individual. This is why using free weights can be of benefit beyond increased muscle mass and strength. The entire body gains improvements in coordination and poise, as well as strength. Needak Rebounders aid many different physical conditions, besides weight loss or muscle tone. Plus, you can take your Needak with you on trips, to use in a hotel room or outdoors in your backyard or a park! Needak offers two frame styles: One has folding legs, allowing it to be stored easily beneath a bed; the other is hinged, allowing the rebounder to fold in half and be taken virtually anywhere, in its handy carrying bag. Needak’s website offers other products to use in conjunction with the Rebounder — books on exercising with a rebounder and overall health maintenance; hand weight sets for adding resistance to your workout; instructional videos and more! Needak Rebounders are healthful and fun for the entire family. Today, the emphasis is on helping our children to be and stay healthy — you won’t have to coax your child to exercise with a Rebounder! For an exciting central exercise method or addition to an existing regimen, please visit today and order your Rebounder to get started with this excellent approach to health and fitness! JG