Nordskog Publishing


Nordskog entered the book publishing industry in 2006, specializing in Christian books in a new series of “Meaty, Tasty, and Easily Digestible Theological Offerings.” The company plans on publishing children’s books, devotional and inspirational novels, books about heroes of the faith and of the founding of the nation, and other Christian heroes in history (His Story).  The primary mission of Nordskog Publishing is to enhance the spiritual growth and understanding of God’s Laws and truth through the Holy Scriptures.

For 37 years Nordskog Publishing was engaged in the boating publishing industry, as premier publisher of “the world’s leading performance boating magazine”,Powerboat Magazine, founded in 1968 by Bob Nordskog and Jerry Nordskog, which grew two small black & white West Coast boat racing magazines into the world’s leading performance boating magazine.  The magazine was sold in mid-2005 at the peak of its success in the boating industry.

The Nordskog family, Robert A. Nordskog (deceased) and his wife Elinor have been in business since 1951; with Jerry joining full time in 1958, and his wife Gail in 1990. They were world leaders in the design and manufacture of airline galleys and related in-flight food service equipment for 42 years (Nordskog Industries, Inc.)  They were recognized as “the big name in airline galleys” by Air Transport magazine, and Robert A. Nordskog holds many patents and design innovations in that industry.

The corporation also founded and operated Nordco Products, a leading USA aircraft ground support equipment engineering and manufacturing business from 1967 through 1981, as well as International Flight Service, and also owned Nordskog Marine Center during the fifties and sixties, and owned a professional soccer team (winning three national championships) in the seventies – eighties (The Los Angeles Skyhawks).  Bob Nordskog founded Nordskog Competition Center and Nordskog Racing in the mid-1960’s. He became a record-setting powerboat race promoter, and powerboat racer (holding more offshore boat racing wins than anyone in history) and was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame (Novi, MI) on June 4, 1997.

From 1987 through 2000, Gerald Christian (Jerry) Nordskog also published The Bell Ringer, a national quarterly journal discussing geo-political issues of the day and emphasizing the founding of America on Biblical principles and Christian values and precepts.

Now, Jerry & Gail Nordskog are concentrating on moral and ethical books to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom principles throughout the United States of America, the first Christian Constitutional Republic in the history of the world.  Books are soon planned to be distributed in Australia and China, and eventually worldwide.