Personal Rebounding (Trampolining) – Improve Your Health with Fun!

According to NASA, rebounding (trampolining) exercise is 68% more efficient than jogging as an all-around form of fitness maintenance and has even been shown to be more valuable than swimming. At the “top” of the jump, you experience brief weightlessness and at the bottom of the jump, you experience gravitational force. This contrasting of weightlessness and gravity stimulates all of your systems, especially the lymphatic system, which does not have a pump as the heart is to the blood circulation system. The lymph system relies purely on bodily movement to eliminate the waste that accumulates in the body every day as a byproduct of life. Simple rebounding helps eliminate stagnation throughout your entire body in just a few minutes per day – 15-20 minutes, 3 times per week, for minimum benefits!
Rebounding provides improvement across the spectrum of mental-physical health – especially for adults — including balance improvement, coordination, muscle strength, cardio fitness, motor skill improvement, bone density, self-confidence and stress management! No other simple form of exercise offers so much to the user in such an easy and private use. Plus, to experience all of these benefits, you only need one simple, portable piece of equipment – a personal trampoline, aka a rebounder. You can purchase rebounders with removable hand rails to help you with balance and support – and to increase the movements you can perform. Other accessories include carrying bags for portability and folding legs, making the personal rebounder easy to store and take on trips, to make your rebounding workout routine easy to establish and maintain. If you are looking for a great exercise routine to improve your overall health, fitness and mental outlook, consider rebounding!

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