Read Right Online Tutoring, An Intervention Program for Struggling Readers

Read Right® is available online via live, real-time tutoring utilizing audio & video conferencing software. Students receive the same highly-effective instruction as in Read Right’s school-based programs, and with the same exceptional results. Online tutoring is convenient—tutor anywhere, as long as you have the equipment. It’s private because you can be in your own home. You don’t have to wonder if it will work–there’s a money-back guarantee! Because Read Right works so quickly to eliminate reading problems, students are well aware of their improvement, which translates into strong student motivation to engage fully in the Read Right process. There has been extensive research and performance evaluation conducted to verify the effectiveness of the intervention model, all of which are available upon request from the company, Read Right Systems.  Read Right has demonstrated unusual success with students of all ages, including adults and including English language learners, learning disabled students, dyslexics, and autistic students. Read Right is based on theoretical constructs that challenge mainstream thinking and are compatible with what is known about how the brain learns a process. The focus is on an implicit cognitive strategy of anticipating the author’s intended meaning as the foundation of excellent reading. Read Right students become excellent readers, which means they are internally 100% comfortable as they read, they have full understanding of the author’s message, and, if they happen to be reading out loud, the language produced is natural—just like conversational speech.  “Our son had a significant reading problem. For nearly three years his mother, a teacher, and I assumed that hard work and long hours of practice would solve his reading problem. We were wrong. Finally, we tried Read Right. Matt solved his reading problem and has become an excellent and exuberant reader.”              —Richard Hoss, Washington State parent “Before Read Right my son was failing in school and I was at a loss for what to do. Six months later he’s getting straight A’s and carries a book with him everywhere. Read Right has transformed two lives, his and mine! Thank you!”         Bonnie Spinek, Arizona parent “The Read Right program has made an amazing difference in [Brian’s] reading abilities. Discovering the program was truly a God-send to our family                                                          Janice & Brian Mercer, Canada parents