Readorium – Ingenious & Affordable Web-based Reading Comprehension & Science Literacy Program 201-836-8403 by Michael Leppert Readorium is a revolutionary, web-based reading comprehension and science program (for students in grades 3-8) that allows any student at any reading level to develop his/her skills and knowledge, while enjoying it at the same time. Recent brain research has demonstrated that in developing or improving a skill, new synapses are created with fewer repetitions when the practice is combined with fun and enjoyment. Readorium does this by providing an enjoyable “game like” atmosphere based on reading rich, scientific content. The game goal is to move through levels of reading comprehension contained in 80 interactive online books, each with a personal book mentor. Students earn virtual money by using the strategies taught with each book to answer higher-level thinking questions. They vie to earn 1 million Readorium dollars and ultimately earn a place in the Hall of Fame. Children compete against their own best performance primarily, but there is always the element of trying to be the best in a class, group or family! Readorium functions like a video game. Students generally have a choice of 6 different books at any given time, and as they complete books with more basic content, books with more advanced content are unlocked for them. Varying degrees of reading development have been programmed into Readorium, so one student can read a passage with more familiar vocabulary and simpler structure, while another student can read the same content with more advanced vocabulary and structure. However, students at all skill levels learn the same comprehensive material, the same academic vocabulary, and answer the same higher-level thinking questions. The level of the text and support every child receives automatically adjusts to their individual levels as they proceed. Of course, all students will progress to being able to read the advanced versions, in a seamless progression to mastery of vocabulary, comprehension, and scientific knowledge! Readorium took 7 years to develop, and this dedication is evident. For instance, in order to make a new vocabulary word a permanent part of one’s lexicon, requires an average of 17 repetitions. Readorium provides repetitions by using the new word in a variety of settings and exercises – through direct word-learning lessons, songs, humorous videos, game-like challenges, and definitions in both the text and in interactive vocabulary cards, and so on. Readorium is ingenious and shows the future of learning in its approach to teaching a multiplicity of topics. Readorium has won several major awards in the past year including the CODiE Award for Best Reading/Language Arts Solution, the International Reimagine Bronze Plaque for Innovation, and is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association. Finally, the Readorium program is very affordable and they offer a free trial to show you just how powerful and valuable it is. Give your child the benefit of this excellent learning resource and visit the Readorium website today. MjL