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Age Range: 7th grade to AP High School Cost Range: Middle School Topics: $124.95 High School Topics: $137.95 to $249.95 Subject: Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, Life Science Location: Lake George, CO Website: E-mail: website form Phone: 866-700-1884 By Janet Esposito Science can be one of the most challenging subjects to teach in any setting — public schools, private schools, and especially in a homeschool environment. The majority of us cannot afford the thousands of dollars in equipment and technology that schools spend to outfit their science labs. But even well-funded schools may lack laboratory resources for many subject areas, most prominently AP science courses. The dismally small number of students interested in AP science courses means the interests of those few advanced students are sacrificed; however, nearly all schools maintain science labs. And without those high-quality lab tools, easy access to biological specimens, or a degree in science, most parents simply make do with found materials, homemade scientific instruments, and a “can do” spirit. Although this may work while children are younger, it can become increasingly overwhelming as students study more advanced content. Thankfully, Quality Science Labs offers laboratory kits that are the ideal solution for every homeschool science curriculum.
Developed by science instructors with more than 133 years of instruction in both high school and college courses, Quality Science Labs offers a wide variety of laboratory kits for homeschooling families. Each one makes teaching science accessible to every parent — empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. The kits include all of the tools and science resources you need, developed to turn any clean table into a real scientific laboratory. The entire kit is compact and well-organized (two priorities in overcrowded classrooms), made of high-quality, durable materials. And because the kits are designed to enhance traditional science textbook learning, QSL coordinates the kits to many of the most popular homeschooling science courses. Most importantly, all of the kits are accompanied by step-by-step manuals that are written in plain English. These guides are a breeze for kids to use in the lab, providing the directions and questions students need to address during their experimentation process. Every experiment is detailed, including the goals, background review, materials and equipment preparation, procedures, and the results. Students can find kits in Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, and Marine Biology. Kids will want to dive in head first as soon as their QSL kit arrives! Each one explores scientific topics in-depth, providing a year’s worth of labs that solidify the content your students cover in their textbooks. The Earth Science Lab Kit offers students more than 30 different activities that cover 10 major areas, including volcanoes, tsunamis, making fossils, and much more. Another 30 experiments are provided in the Quality Science Labs Life Science kits, from cellular reproduction to flower reproduction, and everything in between. The 2nd Edition of the MicroPhySci Kit is now available, accompanied by a 207-page guide and 36 lab experiments that address every topic in your current Science textbook. QSL Biology kits cover all the classic labs, including mitosis, osmosis, photosynthesis, and the memorable specimen dissections, including a cow’s eye, a fetal pig, and a frog. The AP Biology kit plunges kids even further into science exploration, including biotechnology, mathematical modeling with genetic databases, and data analysis. And the award-winning MicroChem Kit offered by QSL is one of their best-selling products; after it arrives it is easy to understand why. Based on the Microscale method, a complete chemistry laboratory arrives to your doorstep in a small, carefully packaged box. No need for fume hoods and other expensive safety equipment! The QSL Physics kit is a must-have for all students of Physics, bringing abstract concepts to life and allowing kids to “play” with these concepts using hands-on experiments. But the Marine Biology kit from QSL is arguably the most transformative of all the products — literally bringing the ocean into your home. Plus, QSL lab kits are the most cost-effective way to offer your students a real laboratory experience with a fraction of the prep time that is traditionally required. All of the experiments have been repeatedly tested to reduce the time, confusion, and money that is so often wasted by well-intentioned, homemade science experiments. This overwhelming preparation is eliminated by the QSL kits, allowing parents to join their kids on the journey of scientific discovery.  And a disappointing number of science curricula have now switched to a “virtual laboratory” setting. Despite the heightened realism and attention to detail, these programs lack the hands-on experiences that are an essential part of being a scientist. With a few simple household items, parents can use Quality Science Lab kits to unleash the natural scientific curiosity inherent in every child. These kits are so well designed, they are virtually foolproof. For more information, including pricing and custom lab kits, please visit their website at JE

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