CadenaSmith Enterprises – See-n-Read® Reading Tools 2533 Sutton Lane Aurora, IL 60502 [email protected] 630-236-5592 See-n-Read®, Two sizes: “Book” – 5-1/2″ x 3″ $2.99) and “Document” 8-1/2″ x 3″ ($3.49) Memory Mark™ – the ReadBar™ is cut open, so you can underline/highlight the line of text. Same price as See-n-Read® Computer Screen version – re-sizable, adjustable transparency allows you to block out unwanted ads, etc. ($29.99) See-n-Spell™ (Gr 4-adult) – $9.99 includes 4 See-n-Read tools free! By Michael Leppert Probably since Guttenberg’s magical invention of the printing press, and reading print gradually became a part of everyone’s life, Man been trying to find ways to make this process easier, faster and more efficient. A company in the Chicago area developed and patented a simple but ingenious solution to many of the reading problems children and adults experience. The See-n-Read® tool is a transparent sheet of plastic, most of it a light blue, but with a clear strip across the middle (the ReadBar™) which you position on the line of text you want to read. The blue portion filters out distracting material on the page so you can focus on one line at a time. It’s that simple! The See-n-Read tool allows you to “highlight” the line you are reading and you just keep moving the tool down as you read. You no longer lose your place and your reading speed should improve, as you are now able to take in more words at a time without fear of getting lost. Because the blue portion is still transparent, you can re-read something above, without losing your place. I found that the instant I placed it on a page of text, my eyes relaxed! I did not even know they were tense until then. The Memory Mark™ tool is ideal for students or researchers who need to highlight or underline portions of their reading matter. The ReadBar™ is cut out for easy access by highlighter, or pencil and the “ruler” underline guide is already there! It makes noting fast and easy, while allowing you to keep your place on the page. The PC Computer Screen version of See-n-Read® is a software tool that is loaded onto your taskbar and can be push/pushed to maximize or minimize at will. The screen color can be deepened and it can be sized in a variety of configurations, depending on what you are reading. If it is a sidebar on a page, you can size the See-n-Read® tool to match the sidebar dimensions or you can have it full screen for wall-to-wall text. The Computer Screen version has also been successfully tested with interactive whiteboards and computer-driven projectors, making it perfect for people who give presentations or classes with much text for the audience to read. It is perfect for reading on a screen for long periods, since it seems to help the eyes relax and also cuts down on the background glare that makes on-screen reading for any length of time uncomfortable. This makes it a boon to on-screen proofreaders and anyone who types a great deal. It aids in data-entry accuracy and speed by keeping the eye focused on the target section of the document. Note: There is a Mac OS/X version coming soon. See-n-Spell™ Vocabulary and Spelling Quick Reference Guide is a 40-page book, 8-1/2″ x 11″ written by Sylvia Smith, Ed.D. It is divided into two sections, one by most common language functions for words; section two by most-commonly-misspelled words. Both groups of words are listed by the beginning letter, allowing the user to turn quickly to that letter’s section and find the answer. As an added bonus, each See-n-Spell™ book includes one See-n-Read® tool! If you or your child experiences difficulty in reading effectively simply because of needing help to focus on the text, the entire line of See-n-Read® tools offers great solutions — and they are incredibly affordable! Please visit their website for full information and ordering. MjL