Singapore Math Live – Maximizing Math Potential E-mail: [email protected] 832-630-3321 By Joseph Grayhaim Brenda Barnett, a former high school math teacher and homeschooling mom of 4, developed Singapore Math Live to aid homeschooling families in teaching Singapore Math themselves. Over 2-plus years, she created 949 video recordings. Some instruct the child; some support the parents; some provide solutions to add insight into possible problem areas. She includes a Syllabus that divides the material into 34 weekly assignments. Brenda’s program has been Barnett-tested and provides a solid elementary math foundation that will be with your child for a lifetime. Besides the videos, Brenda’s website and especially her Blog, offer current and up-to-the-minute guidance about the program and how to solve problems the homeschooling parent and child may encounter.  It is like having a math tutor in your home! Two of Brenda’s children are grown and in college, so she has a wealth of information to provide across the age spectrum of learning. Her program extends from Primary 1 through Primary 6  and her other website, High School Math Live, carries the homeschooling family into the upper reaches of math for both high school and college levels. Therefore, a family can use Brenda’s math programs from early elementary through 12-grade and beyond. If you look at Primary 1, you will see that Brenda includes very detailed instructions in how to use her program. She offers extra practice problems and provides explanations that will benefit the users at every step. Since math can be one of the most daunting subjects a homeschooling parent can face, Brenda’s complete video library is a welcome resource and full curriculum. Visit her website and see the FAQs and look at the Primary 1 home page to see the help available any time. Give your child a sound math grounding and yourself a break from math-induced anxiety! J.G.